Let There Be Coffee!

Specialty Coffee Event Catering for 15-1000 cups. 

Discover your favourites!

From dark roast espresso blends, to delicate floral single origins, choose your taste from chilled batch brew, specialty teas, decaf and more...


Brazil (Natural) Fazenda Sumidouro Red Catuai

A heavy bodied Brazil offering honey, pecans, and a sweet floral finish.

Ethiopia (Washed) Yirgacheffe Orange

Fragrant, tropical fruits, delicate, citrus acidity and syrupy after-taste

Honduras (Washed) Nueva Esperanza Pacamara

Delicate floral aroma of tea blossom. 
Juicy notes of star fruit, mandarin, white grape, green apple, apricot and peach
Honey and caramel sweetness, hazelnut and chocolate aftertaste.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated
Juicy and sweet with notes of carob, cocoa and cherry. Heavy bodied and mouth-watering. (Really!)

Specialty English Breakfast Tea

Direct from the farmer in Sri Lanka - Ceylon (Origin Tea)

How thirsty are you?

From $2 per can you can have as little as 15 cups or 1000 cups delivered. The more cups you order, and the more frequent the delivery the lower the price!

  • Each Air-Pot contains 15 to 20 cups of coffee (3 Litres) and stays piping hot for 12+ hours
  • We deliver and set up the coffee for you & return the next day to collect or replace them with fresh coffee
  • The more you buy the more you save. 
  • Each cup is expertly brewed, balanced and tastes sweet and never bitter nor sour.

About Us.

Birthed out of Specialty Coffee in Melbourne our founder Jonathon is an expert barista, barista trainer, International coffee judge and more. Having worked for the world top roasters and baristas Jonathon has decided to "close the gap" between what is available at your local top cafe and what is available at work and events. Roasted and sourced in Melbourne. 

How we brew.

Our beans are roasted locally and graded specialty and above. Our expert baristas wake up at 5am and grind your chosen beans using precision Mahlkoenig EK-43 Grinders. We then brew into 3 Litre (20 cup) stylish Airpots that keep the coffee piping hot and fresh all day.

What say ye?

raymond client testimonial.png

"I am pleased to support Promised land and coffee as a great initiative and business that has
found a niche in the highly populated coffee market. It is my belief this business has great opportunity to succeed and provide coffee drinker an alternative, accessible and affordable solution to their everyday cup of joe. Jonathan has committed time and thought to research and developing a strong brand that will stand up in a crowded market and create a point of difference. I wish him the very best with Promised land and coffee and look forward to seeing the business thrive and become a household" - Joanna Reymond, Reymond Communications. 


"The service provided by Promised Land is excellent from start to finish. The product is of fantastic quality, and a wonderful option for hassle-free, tasty coffee. We have worked together on many off site events, and all of our clients are blown away by the product." - Kelly, Events Manager.



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"Promised Land Coffee is taking the corporate coffee scene by storm"...