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Birthed out of Specialty Coffee in Melbourne our founder Jonathon worked for the World Brewers Cup Champion, Australian Barista champion and oversaw and trained baristas in the top 50 cafes in Melbourne. Now an AICA Coffee Judge, Jonathon wholesales specialty coffee to cafes that he loves to support. 

"We've created a new boutique model that is designed to support the cafe owner". 

As well as wholesale specialty grade beans, Promised Land Coffee brews specialty filter coffee and delivers it in 3 Litre (15 Cup) Airpots. Since 2015 Batch Brew has taken off in Melbourne and Promised Land Coffee are the uncontested authority on batch brew filter coffee!

Delivering 75 cups or more (5 x 3L Airpots) Promised Land Coffee offers the highest possible quality coffee and the highest level of convenience possible at less than half the price of a coffee cart or truck. 


Expert baristas grind your single origin specialty beans (86 points and above) using Mahlkoenig EK-43 Grinder (Pictured). This grinder creates even particle size for higher quality, more consistent brewing. We then brew into 3 Litre (20 cup) stylish Airpots that keep the coffee piping hot and fresh all day (Up to 20 hours).

At 6am in the morning our delivery drivers drive to your workplace, access the building securely, and place your new fresh Airpot in your Experience Station; a place designated by your company where staff can stop, pour a beautiful coffee, and relax for a moment. Each station has designed tasting notes explaining the unique characteristics of your chosen coffee, direct trade farm information and more. There is the option of milk, sugar and other amenities. 

The best news is the next day we come back, collect the empty Airpots, clean your coffee experience station, and replenish all of your coffee! There are no hidden costs: no bean cost, no barista, no labour costs, no equipment hire nor purchase. Only pay per cup!

Hawk Seasonal

65% Honduras Barrios (Natural), 35% Colombia Huila (Washed)

Sweet hazelnut praline leading to stewed apricot acidity and lingering toffee. This delicious, and incredibly consistent blend is available all year round and is very pleasing as a black or milk coffee. Used daily by our high volume and low volume cafes in the CBD and suburbs with great results year after year. Hawk Review GRAM MAGAZINE 2017

Roast: Medium-developed

Country: Honduras/Colombia, Farm: Barrios Estate/La Betania, Varietal: Pacamara/Caturra

Swiss Water Process Decaf

Heavy chocolaty body with ripe cherries and pawpaw. Surprisingly pleasant, rich and balanced. This cup performs extremely well as a juicy, sweet long black or espresso and is incredible in milk. No one will know it's decaf! 

Roast: Dark-Developed

Country: Ethiopia Sidamo, Colombia Excelso


LaMarzocco | Mahlkoenig | Mazzer | Fetco. 

We only use and recommend the objective, advanced, and high-volume proven equipment of LaMarzocco Volumetric Machines, Mahlkoenig or Mazzer/EK/Mythos/K30Peak Electronic grinders, and Fetco XTS Brewers. There is no substitute. We can organise, quote, install and maintain new, secondhand or customised equipment. 

Talk to Jonathon Sciola, specialist barista and wholesale manager 0466 418 990 to make an appointment for a wholesale demonstration at the Promised Land Coffee bar.


Specialty Coffee Delivery

You can now have delicious specialty coffee delivered to you, wherever you are. Ready to drink and arriving in a stylish 15 cup airpot your coffee stays hot and on tap.




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"Promised Land Coffee is taking the corporate coffee scene by storm"...



"I am pleased to support Promised land and coffee as a great initiative and business that has
found a niche in the highly populated coffee market. It is my belief this business has great opportunity to succeed and provide coffee drinker an alternative, accessible and affordable solution to their everyday cup of joe. Jonathan has committed time and thought to research and developing a strong brand that will stand up in a crowded market and create a point of difference. I wish him the very best with Promised land and coffee and look forward to seeing the business thrive and become a household" - Joanna Reymond, Reymond Communications. 

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"The service provided by Promised Land is excellent from start to finish. The product is of fantastic quality, and a wonderful option for hassle-free, tasty coffee. We have worked together on many off site events, and all of our clients are blown away by the product." - Kelly, Events Manager


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