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Expert baristas grind your single origin specialty beans using Mahlkoenig EK-43 Grinder (Pictured below). This grinder creates even particle size for higher quality, more consistent brewing. We then brew into 3 Litre (20 cup) stylish Airpots that keep the coffee piping hot and fresh all day (Up to 20 hours).

At 6am in the morning our delivery drivers drive to your workplace, access the building securely, and place your new fresh Airpot in your Experience Station; a place designated by your company where staff can stop, pour a beautiful coffee, and relax for a moment. Each station has designed tasting notes explaining the unique characteristics of your chosen coffee, direct trade farm information and more. There is the option of milk, sugar and other amenities. 

The best news is the next day we come back, collect the empty Airpots, clean your coffee experience station, and replenish all of your coffee! There are no hidden costs: no bean cost, no barista, no labour costs, no equipment hire nor purchase. Only pay per cup!

"Batch Brew is by far the most consistent and highest quality brewing method, higher than pourover and espresso"


Birthed out of the specialty coffee industry in Melbourne, our passion is for people to enjoy incredible coffee wherever they are.

Melbourne has great CAFE coffee however when you leave the cafe and find yourself at work there is nothing "specialty" on the table. Now with our daily delivery subscription everybody can have specialty coffee at work. 

Our founder Jonathon worked for the Australian Barista Champion and the World Brewers Cup champion, and managed 50 cafes for one of Melbourne's leading roasters before roasting his own and creating Melbourne's most innovative new coffee roastery.

We supply great cafes in Melbourne for everywhere else there's Promised Land Coffee Batch Brew! 

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