Colombia Huila (Washed)

Fragrant, tropical fruits, delicate, citrus acidity and syrupy after-taste

Serve: Black (preferred) or with milk 

Ethiopia Wush Wush (Washed)

Clean apricot acidity, blueberries, plum jam and a silky smooth finish. 

Serve: Black 

El Salvador - The Queen

Profile: Sweet citrus, currant and stone fruit with a milk chocolate finish. 

Serve: Black or with milk

Filter Blend of Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil

Uplifting citrus and fruit sweetness with a creamy caramel finish. 

Serve: Black or with milk. 

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Ethiopia

Heavy bodied cup, clean and balanced with smooth buttery mouthfeel.

Serve: Black or with milk.

Specialty Teas 

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lemongrass and Ginger, Green Jasmine.


Each of our coffees are available ice old.