wholesale coffee

Autumn 2018

Hawk Seasonal Espresso

65% Honduras San Marco (Washed), 35% Colombia Popoyan (Washed)

A full bodied coffee with creamy caramel, chocolate-orange acidity and lasting toffee finish. When brewed to a higher extraction taste more sweetness, stone fruits.  Used daily by our high volume and low volume cafes in the CBD and suburbs with great results year after year. Hawk Review GRAM MAGAZINE 2017

Roast: Medium

Swiss Water Process Decaf

Country: Ethiopia Sidamo, Colombia Excelso

Heavy chocolaty body with ripe cherries and pawpaw. Surprisingly pleasant, rich and balanced. This cup performs extremely well as a juicy, sweet long black or espresso and is incredible in milk. No one will know it's decaf! 

Roast: Medium

Single Origins

Brazil (Natural) Bom Jesus

Heavy bodied Brazil offering honey, pecans, and a sweet floral finish.

Ethiopia (Washed) Yirgacheffe Orange

Fragrant, tropical fruits, delicate, citrus acidity and syrupy after-taste

Honduras (Washed) Nueva Esperanza Pacamara

Delicate floral aroma of tea blossom. 
Juicy notes of star fruit, mandarin, white grape, green apple, apricot and peach
Honey and caramel sweetness, hazelnut and chocolate aftertaste.

Guatemala (coming soon)


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We only use and recommend the objective, advanced, and high-volume proven equipment of LaMarzocco Volumetric Machines, Mahlkoenig or Mazzer/EK/Mythos/K30Peak Electronic grinders, and Fetco XTS Brewers. There is no substitute. We can organise, quote, install and maintain new, secondhand or customised equipment. 

Talk to Jonathon Sciola, specialist barista and wholesale manager 0466 418 990 to make an appointment for a wholesale demonstration at the Promised Land Coffee bar.