Join the Journey

I'm Jonathon and I simply love coffee. Yes, coffee changed my life. Coffee is a journey and that is why we've chosen Join The Journey as the tagline for Promised Land Coffee. The one thing that unites us coffee lovers is our passion for coffee - and it is this passion takes us further on the journey towards quality, innovation, new experience, and for business owners, profitability.

I recently worked with an Australian Barista Champion in a role where I was managing and supporting over fifty cafes in their journey towards specialty coffee. In an environment where every expense was made to source the best possible beans and equipment I realised that it is a network of integrated support systems and people that make a special cup of coffee. When you see our video you will see that our journey is to walk with you towards specialty coffee that is special.  

As a business owner and founder I deeply care and understand the specific and unique needs of the cafe owner. At the core of Promised Land Coffee is a desire to see cafes succeed. I believe that Promised Land Coffee is unique in its commitment to support each cafe. It's all about the cafe. We source the best (often cup of excellence quality) beans to create fresh and vibrant blends that blow customers away.

Over the coming weeks and months you will see an array of content designed to whet the appetite of the cunning specialty coffee connoisseur as well as educate and fascinate the most advanced, mature and savvy coffee community in the world: Melbourne.

It is my hope that you, Melbourne, will Join The Journey with Promised Land Coffee by booking a tasting and having me come and show you what we can do for your special cup of coffee.