This title may sound like sacrilege to the coffee enthusiast in this world coffee city of Melbourne; however as a "third-waver" myself I am passionate about every aspect of specialty coffee. That is why when Promised Land Coffee released a Media Release seen here and here we focused on what is missing from specialty coffee, and it certainly isn't the beans!

As third-wavers we have access to an amazing supply of beans, often expertly cupped, roasted and delivered to cafes around Melbourne. What is often missing however (and evident in the cup) is the support, the mentoring and the training that compliments, augments and delivers the quality that is necessary to deliver a specialty cup of coffee. That is why we launched our short film - hand painted and animated by Tony Mason -  around the message "making your coffee special" because we know that specialty beans don't guarantee a specialty cup of coffee. 

One of the trends that have recently ensued around specialty coffee are cafes that are wanting more flexibility to provide beans from a number of different roasters. We at Promised Land Coffee believe this is a good thing! This trend however is disrupting the way business is done in the specialty coffee industry. The third wave movement that so bravely reeducated and re-informed our tastes and brought us into this new awakening and appreciation for coffee has also left us with a certain way of doing things. 

Third wave movement pioneers gave us the specialty coffee that we know and love. They taught us terms such as "direct trade" and "partnership coffee", and led us to understand what is really happening inside the extraction of a particular coffee. However what is now building on that firm platform carved out for us by those pioneers - the ones who wake we are riding and who we will always be in awe of - is a new fourth wave you could say of specialty "coffeeteers" who are taking it to the next level. We at Promised Land Coffee are building on that platform a new augmented approach to continue in the tradition and take things to the next level. 

Perhaps the next level is not tying people down to one supplier so that each cafe and barista can be exposed  to new coffees on a regular basis. Perhaps the next level is encouraging cafe owners to buy their own machine so that they can choose what specialty chocolates and traceable origin teas they can use rather than being controlled by contracts that bind their purchasing. Perhaps the next level encourages roasters to deliver unparalleled service and support so that baristas and beans and machinery alike are all primed and maxed out to maximum performance. 

(By the way we at Promised Land Coffee believe that a blog is a conversation. That is why comments are turned on! Please let everyone know how you feel about the potential of making ever coffee special. Looking forward to your retweets, comments and objections!)

Below is our Media Release as republished and reposted during our launch this week: 

I hope you hear the message that we love specialty coffee (especially the beans) and that is why we want to augment that experience to make every coffee...special. 

Specialty Coffee Isn’t Enough


This week Melbourne specialist barista Jonathon Sciola launched Promised Land Coffee which offers cafes unparalleled support in making exquisite coffee.

“Having worked with an Australian Barista Champion and with the best coffees in the world I realised that specialty coffee beans did not guarantee a specialty cup of coffee” says Jonathon.

With the tagline “Join the Journey” Promised Land Coffee aims to equip cafes with a holistic and integrated support system that works closely with the cafe owners, baristas and roaster to showcase what specialty beans have to offer.

Jonathon says, “I want to lift the bar so that cafes are being supported with equipment, systems, training and mentoring that gives them an edge in the most competitive coffee city in the world.”

Focusing on wholesaling to cafes, and later a home subscription service and talk of a cafe in the works, Melbourne based Promised Land Coffee aims to revolutionise the level of customer care and support given to cafes in a mature, saturated and highly competitive industry.

“It used to be enough to buy specialty beans. Not anymore. Not in Melbourne, the world’s coffee city. Melbournian’s demand consistently exceptional coffee or they’ll go elsewhere. At Promised Land Coffee we’re making it all about the cafes and their customers. We’ll help cafe’s deliver unbelievable coffee in every cup, making their coffee special.”