New Crop Honduras - Barrios Estate

Our Hawk Blend is comprised of 65% Honduras Pacamara and 35% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Together these coffees combine to become a honeycomb, mars bar milk-based coffee that tantalises the taste buds and whets the appetite of the coffee lover. The balanced, juicy-sweet caramels of the Central yoked with the unapologetic tropical florals and fruity sweetness of the African create a unique, designed blend that never disappoints. 

We have been waiting for the arrival of new crop Honduras coffees for the past month and we are excited to tell you that our new season Honduras Barrios Estate single origin will be available as a house-coffee for all of our cafe accounts. This truly central coffee with its citrus acidity and balanced body is a stand-alone sensation. 

Enjoy this central from Barrios Estate Santa Monica as a rounded, balanced, juicy sweet espresso, or with milk it becomes a nuanced joy ride of sweet caramels and lingering cocoa. 

For the first time this single origin will be available not for a haughty $44 per kilo, rather as an affordable indulgence at $30 per kilo. While supplies last I encourage you to Join the Journey and contact us for a tasting today. 

That's right...we come to you!