The Specialty Journey - Part 2

In our last post entitled The Specialty Journey - Part 1 we looked into the "ingredients" and characteristics of a specialty cafe by use of an analogy with fine dining institutions. It is often overlooked that a specialty cafe would utilise specialist ingredients, equipment and staff to create the special coffee experience. Often supplementary (to specialty grade beans) items such as biodynamic-unhomogenised milk, dark chocolate made with coconut blossom sugar and equipment such as specialist grinders are all part of the holistic approach to creating a special coffee experience.  It is often underestimated and miscommunicated that a specialty cafe necessarily needs to control as many variables as possible to create a special coffee. 

Here are some of those variables: 

  • Specialty grade beans rated above 84/100
  • Biodynamic unhomogenised milk
  • Uniform particle size produced by Mahlk├Ânig EK-43 grinder
  • Reverse Osmosis water filtration, carbon blockers and water filters
  • Staff who are passionate and self-developing waiters and baristas
  • Volumetric espresso machines with accurate paddle-meters
  • Turn-key bar procedures that change with demand and volume

Furthermore we do not want to "skimp" on quality when it comes to filter coffee, tea and hot chocolate. 

  • Mork Hot chocolate for qualified customers is prepared with a specific recipe.
  • Our teas are brewed with varying water temperatures and brew times

(Mork) Hot Chocolate recipe: 

  • In a 400ml jug add milk up to the beginning of the spout
  • Add 25 grams of hot chocolate which is 2 heaped tablespoons
  • Stir thoroughly until powder is wet
  • Steam the chocolate until fully hot and served in a pre-heated cup

Origin Tea Recipes

Blacks: Earl Grey/English Breakfast/Orange Peako

  • Using digital scales provided;
  • 5 grams of lose-leaf, hand-rolled tea's sourced direct from origin
  • 300 grams of off-boiling water 
  • 160 seconds using timer provided
  • Remove leafs in strainer and serve with milk on the side

Forest Berry

  • 8 grams of tea
  • 300 grams of 88 degree hot water 
  • 160 seconds using timer provided
  • Remove leafs in strainer and serve with milk on the side

One of the best ways to bring the specialty experience to your chocolate and tea customers is to bring quality, experience and recipe and repeatability to the preparation. 

We delight in the specialty journey and acknowledge that the beans are not the only ingredient in a holistic approach to excellence and quality. 

If you would like to book a Join the Journey tasting please click the link above.