Specialty Batch Brew Delivered to You

We are excited to release our Summer/Autumn Batch Brew Menu.

Melbourne has turned the specialty coffee corner and fully embraced filter coffee. Batch brew is now available at most genuine specialty coffee bars in Melbourne. There are filter-focused cafes and many articles in the media about batch brew. I love following @brewfinder which is a Twitter account that only follows cafes that serve batch brew. And why would you want to seek out batch brew? Here are just a few great reasons:

1. Batch brew is fast! There is absolutely no wait time for batch brew at a cafe. The specialty coffee or "third wave" movement has solved the problem of quality through education and innovation, and batch brew builds on that foundation of quality while also solving the problem of wait time. Many cafes lose valuable income when customers see a long queue and move on to other venues. Big events struggle to offer a high quality coffee solution for attendees, and offices lose staff for valuable productive hours while they journey through the CBD lining up for coffee. Batch brew is literally "on tap" and available hot from the airpot at the push of the lever. 

2. Batch brew is more consistent! Unlike hand pour-overs, aeropress and even espresso, batch brew is extremely consistent and fully programmable. We are using the latest Fetco batch brewers which maintain an exact temperature and allow us to program unique recipes for each coffee. We can control as many variables, and arguably more, as a professional barista can perform by hand, and it is truly repeatable. A batch of filter coffee can be prepared again and again and again and taste exactly the same. This is a big win!

3. Batch brew is extremely high quality. We use the freshest specialty coffees, roasted to perfection, and create precise recipes for them to extract the best out of the coffee. We are creating the most clean, pure and balanced coffees possible - and we're proud of it. There is no comparison. 

4. Batch brew can produce unlimited flavour profiles. Our current menu contains 5 specialty coffees (2 blends, and 3 single origin coffees). An event which caters for a wide demographic can have 2 delicate floral coffees and 2 strong and robust coffees for milk drinkers. We have a coffee for every palate. 

Below is our new Summer/Autumn Batch Brew Menu. We invite you to come to our coffee bar 9am - 12noon weekdays and discover how good it is for yourself!



Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe (Organic)
Beautifully balanced cup. Ripe cherry and dark chocolate body
leading to a long syrupy cocoa finish.
Processing method: Natural.
Serve: Black.

Ethiopia, Wote Konga
Syrupy body and tropical fruit sweetness.
Complex berries with a lasting caramel finish.
Processing method: Natural
Serve: Black.

Guatemala, Cuevitas
Delicate floral body with honey sweetness and notes of green apple.
Soft clean apricot finish.
Processing method: Washed
Serve: Black.


Eagle Blend - 65% Honduras Barrios Estate 35% Panama Don Pepe
Deliciously clean and balanced, citrus fruity acidity,
sweet hazelnut lingering caramels.
Serve: Black or with milk.

Raven Blend - 65% Honduras Barrios Estate 35% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Full bodied, dark cocoa, creamy mouthfeel, strong finish.
Serve: Black or with milk.

Decaf Ethiopia Sidamo - 100% Swiss Water
Heavy bodied cup, clean and balanced with smooth buttery mouthfeel.
Notes of cocoa and cinnamon.
Serve: Black or with milk

Specialty Tea
We also supply an extensive variety of very delicious specialty teas
sourced directly from the farm in Sri Lanka. English Breakfast, Earl
Grey, Green Sencha, and more.