Here are some of the numbers that make Promised Land Coffee what it is today:

  • 15       - the number of delicious cups of coffee in our delivered airpots.  
  • 23%    - the extraction percentage to which many of our filter coffees are brewed in
  • 5kg     - the barrel size of our filter roaster  
  • 72       - the number of airpots we can fit in our van for delivery  
  • 1.43%  - The total dissolved solids in one of our recent filter tasting tests 
  • 3        - number of blends of espresso we offer cafes  
  • 1         - our focus on the end user and their experience of nuanced coffee. 
  • 3066   - the postcode of our warehouse in Collingwood  

Can you guess what this number is? 22g/65g/8.1%str