Media Release - Bringing specialty coffee to the office

Could this be the best office coffee in Melbourne? Promised Land Coffee was founded in 2014 by former specialist barista and barista trainer Jonathon Sciola, who started supplying beans and support to specialty cafes, and later dreamed up an innovative idea that's changing coffee in Melbourne.

"We realised we're about innovation and quality. Outside of the cafe it's really hard to get a great specialty coffee. When you think of weddings or offices it's almost always bad coffee, or if you're lucky, randomly and inconsistently OK coffee"

Seeing an opportunity to trump office pods and cold lattes being walked up 8 flights of stairs, PLC now brings high-quality boutique coffee to Melbourne's offices. 

"There is just no consistently high quality coffee when you walk outside of a cafe. Our product is consistent, and super high quality and can be placed in offices and at events."

Sourcing specialty green beans (above 86/100 points in rankings) PLC roasts lighter than traditional roasters and yet fully develops the flavour. "Coffees we are buying are around the $20 per kilo mark. Most specialty roasters are paying $7-12 for green and then not always roasting them well. We have teamed up with world class roasters. One of our roasters worked overseas roasting tonnes of filter every week. The best roasters in Melbourne are roasting 100 kilos of filter. Volume isn't everything but experience is". 

PLC then grinds freshly roasted beans using an EK-43 which grinds the best of the beans by performing uniform particle separation. If this sounds complicated it means when they brew the coffee with hot water, the water is able to take only the best parts of the bean making a sensational cup. 

"We have found the response brilliant" says co-founder Jonathon Sciola, former St Ali barista and wholesale support guy. "People are not used to good office coffee. I would say this is the best office coffee in Melbourne"

Promised Land Coffee, based in Collingwood, Melbourne. Beans are roasted on a 5kg Renegade Roaster, and they supply cafes such as critic-renowned 5 & Dime Bagels.