How things have changed

It's easy to forget how the world has changed! In 2015 Uber the largest taxi company in the world has no vehicles. 

Facebook the world's largest ever media company creates no content. 

Airbnb the world's largest hotel and accommodations provider has no real estate. 

Alibaba the largest retail store in the world owens no inventory. 

We are clearly in an age where the rules have changed. Coffee is no exception.  

Innovation is key. As a coffee company we are delivering hot, brewed coffee to cafes. This was unheard of ten years ago in Australia. There has been a shift and a change towards quality, consistency and flavour.  

One significant opportunity in Melbourne coffee at the moment is that the general palate of Melbourne's coffee drinkers has surpassed their behaviour. What that means is that there are a generation of highly developed coffee connoisseurs who are currently drinking below their preference. Their taste and appreciate of fine coffee is above the coffee they are able to drink. 

Like Uber and Airbnb, Promised Land Coffee has realised that the world has changed. We're solving new problems with innovative and new solutions, creating new value and satisfying astute and savvy customers. We're an authority in our  niche because we are our niche and we love our niche.  

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