Nick's Coffee Story #melbournecoffeestory

Here is the #melbournecoffeestory of a Melbourne new-comer, Nick from Perth, founder of Nick started coming to our coffee bar during a brief period when we opened to the local businesses in our office district. Nick is now a convert to filer coffee and hopes you will one day too. Enjoy!

I can say I am, through and through, a filter coffee convert. Having moved to Melbourne from Perth recently, and being well aware of the avant-garde coffee culture brewing its way into mainstream existence (pun intended), I came prepared to accept my role as a new-age coffee snob and to embrace the contemporary subculture associated with it. What I was not prepared for, was having what I though I knew about coffee - yes, I know the difference between a latté and a long mac - turned entirely on its head. I thought enjoying a slow espresso on a lazy Sunday in the al fresco area of a trendy pop-up was the apogee of Melbournian existence, until I tried Promised Land’s filter coffee. Its subtle, yet noticeable fruity aroma; its light and refreshing body; and its lingering floral aftertaste were but a preface to its coup de grâce: a good old fashioned knock-your-socks-off coffee hit to rival that of a traditional espresso.

When Promised Land closed the café side of the business, I was devastated. I went through several weeks of withdrawals, desperate to find a substitute. I tried several local cafés and Proud Mary's entire menu of filter coffees, but none came close to the crisp, full bodied taste that still lingered in my memory. If you are lucky enough to have the coffee consumption capacity to get one of Promised Land’s Airpots (which provide about 15 cups worth of coffee), I highly recommend it!

Do yourself and your taste buds a favour, and become a filter coffee convert today.

Nik Douglas