Solving the BIG 3 coffee problems.

Great strides have come in the third wave coffee movement towards quality. We direct source our green, work with farmers to produce ever increasing consistency in beans and our roasting and brewing have improved. Extraction focused, objective brewing has unlocked the potential inside of a bean. We are now extracting more evenly and more of the bean itself. 

Potential is the story behind Promised Land Coffee. The journey of out working that potential is the process of Promised Land Coffee. Unlike some roasters we do not boast that we have arrived. The promised land is always at arms reach. It's always an adventure, a journey. We are striving for more quality and we do not claim to have arrived at perfection. Most importantly we are doing it together. 

We love the brave souls who journey with us. 5 and Dime bagels was among the first to subscribe to a daily filter coffee delivery. We were the first and only roasters in Australia to extract and brew our coffee offsite and then deliver it to a specialty cafe. We now supply many workplaces, cafes and have been reviewed highly by bloggers and the media alike.

Looking back over the past 18 months we are still firmly focused on taking Melbourne further on that journey towards quality, consistency and timeliness.  

The great 3 coffee problems are: quality, consistency and timeliness. How do we make the same coffee again and again consistently and without wait time. It doesn't work in a cafe environment to stop and spend 12 minutes making a pour over and customers are generally not that happy to pay $8 for 120ml of coffee either. How does a barista make 50 long blacks that all taste the same, have the same total dissolved solids and are extracted evenly unlocking the true and perfect flavour of that bean? With batch brew we can and people are loving it. 

We understand that coffee lovers in Melbourne are socialised to drink espresso and we love that, however there is another socialisation happening in Melbourne where the total population is Bing trained to know and appreciate a good black coffee. People are drinking less milk and more black and filter coffees and we as a society are being "palate calibrated" to enjoy and appreciate black coffee. 

Going back 25 years Melbourne was drinking cask wine, mostly, and instant coffee! How far we've come. No we are seeing a movement of blacker and more cleaner, filter coffee drinkers who appreciate these problems being solved. 

We can "batch brew" 20 cups of specialty filter coffee and every cup is high in quality, consistent and there is no wait time. Just push the button and go!  


Were on on the journey. We have found that many high end workplaces such as The Cluster and Etsy value those 3 problems being solved. Many high end cafes also value these problems being solved. That's why Square and a Compass rated Melbournes number 1 top new cafe in 2015 by Matt Holden is using our daily batch brew delivery. 


A fantastic tic market that's opened up to our innovation and problem solving is catering. Where else does a crowd value quality, consistency and timeliness.  

Check out our website order page for more choices for corporate and event catering than ever before.