Signals and a Substance - The making of a great cafe experience

It is clear that a great cafe comprises more than coffee. It's the atmosphere, the roof height, the staff, the music, the ambiance, the temperature the room, the opening hours, and a sensitive, planned and contrived ecosystem for success. 

Ive termed this matrix: signals and substance. Signals refers to the Lamarzocco placed visibly in the front window, the Norwegian furniture, bamboo stools, and perfect latte art. Substance refers to the product augmentation of that experience imparting self actualisation to the customers. Such things as perfectly poached eggs, smudge free porcelain and the ability to retain staff. 

In between signals and substance is a lot of thought planning linking the two: how many seats will we have and what arrangement. Do we want customers to stay a while (comfy seats, wifi, sound cancelling walls) or spend big and leave within 30 minutes (communal tables, loudbassymusic, and no wifi).  

Think of your cafe as a world where you create, control and conceive every possible behaviour, interaction and experience.  

It not up to luck to win in hospitality. Its embracing the signals and substance that your subculture values, and giving the thought and planning to make sure you consistency give it to them, forever. 

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