Our Story

The story behind Promised Land Coffee is the pursuit of quality. Before starting Promised Land Coffee our founder Jonathon Sciola was bewildered by the inconsistency he found in espresso quality in the best cafes in Melbourne. At the time Jonathon was wholesale account manager and support for one of the worlds top roasters and was overseeing the cafes,  baristas, machines and most importantly quality of over 50 cafes and around 4 tonnes of specialty coffee a week. Visiting 13 cafes day, tasting a variety of coffees from a variety of machines and baristi, Jonathon was unable to find one cafe the nailed it every time.

The baristas were passionate, the owners were recipients of coffee awards, the equipment was state of the art however Jonathon received inconsistent results at best, and bad coffee at worst. Whether it was water temperature or pump pressure or barista error very few espressos scored above 3.5/6 even at the premier stores.  

At the time, Matt Perger was World Brewers Cup Champion (that's filter coffee barista champ!) and brought Batch Brew to the bar at one of his cafes. It was a lighter brew than espresso, delicious exhibiting all of the nuances of the beans and unparalleled in consistency. There was a further benefit: it was on tap! It was always ready and customers could skip the queue and grab literally the best coffee on the bar without waiting and with no fear of disappointment.

Here was a type of coffee that was consistently scoring 6/6 every cup for 1000 cups. This was batch brew.

Jonathons creativity and business acumen led him to invest and innovate in creating Australia's first and only batch brew filter coffee delivery business. Why can't we get a consistent specialty coffee every time? And why not deliver it. There's no wait time and no machinery required. We do it better and we do it for you. 

We have been pleased to sign up leading Melbourne cafes to daily delivery. These cafes are highly renowned such as East Melbourne's Square and Compass and the CBD's 5 & Dime Bagels and have no filter coffee of their own. Jonathon delivers it. 

That's it. The story is the pursuit of quality. That's why we call it promised land: we're on the journey. Will you come too?