Choosing Coffee At Work - The New Productivity

Melbourne celebrates it's cafe culture. This spreads across social, work and cultural interactions. When it comes to business to business relationships and building rapport the first point of call is often "getting coffee" and we all enjoy the spoils. There are fantastic boutique and niche coffee options available in every laneway and street corner. From darker Italian roasts at the bread franchises, to direct trade light roasts at the hipster outlets there's plenty to choose from. We go to the coffee.

In the United States and many European nations, the culture at work is for the coffee to come to you. You will hear from expatriates and observe in media that always, if not often, the culture at work is for tea and coffee to be hot, and present in the office, during the meeting and this aids in productivity. 

The quality of espresso has been proven for 10 years or so. In the 1990's black coffee was rarely consumed by anglo saxon Australians, option more regularly for skinny cappuccino with two sugars. It's only been the last 10 years that we have been socialised to trust the barista and roaster and enjoy "specialty coffee". This has led to the growth and acceptance of more espressos, long blacks, pour overs, aeropress, siphon, cold drip hitting the mainstream. 

It has yet to be widespread and mainstream however there is growing consensus that "filter coffee" is as good and better than espresso. The truth is these hipster roasters with biodynamic farming and small batch roasting are buying their coffee based on light roast filter coffee samples. That the truest best tasting coffees in the world are best tried black and without milk, often brewed using drip method. 

While drip and filter coffee are more common they are yet to be mainstream. This article is part of the journey towards the socialisation and widespread acceptance of filter coffee in Melbourne. While we see filter coffee competitions becoming mainstream, and filter coffee is all great cafes, it is rare to see high quality freshly brewed filter coffee inside the workplace. 

This is unfortunate because specialty filter coffee is the highest quality coffee for the workplace. Our ability to deliver it hot and ready to drink in Melbourne is a rare opportunity for the delicacies of the worlds best coffee to be able to come to your door. 

Lets have a quick look at the comparison of coffee types for work: 

Instant Coffee - High consistency / Low Quality in the cup 

Pods Coffee - High consistency / Low Quality in the cup 

Local Cafe - Medium consistency / Medium Quality 

*The greatest coffee for the Local Cafe Option at work is drain on productivity

Airpots Delivered - High consistency / Highest Quality