How to Set Up a Batch Brewer

Personally we feel that Industrial Mahlkoenig EKK-43 grinder and Commercial Fetco brewers are required for commercial quality batch brew, however we understand that for home us a Moccamaster or Bonavita system is sufficient. The main problem for making specialty coffee on a home batch brewer is water temperature. Most only go to 93 degrees and wont adjust above 200F) 

When setting up a batch brewer, first measure the amount of water it is really putting out. 

  1. Find a bucket and tare it on scales. 
  2. Choose the desired setting (1 Litre for example) and brew with no coffee in to the bucket.
  3. Weigh the now full bucket on the tared scales and discover the true water volume. 

You will likely find that the true water output is different from the setting on the brewer. If the setting is 1 Litre and the bucket is actually 1200grams then you need to adjust your recipe accordingly. 

Use a ratio of 1:16 for coffee to water ratio in your coffee recipe

1. In the example above when 1 Litre is pushing out 1200 grams of water this equasion will work =1200/16= 75grams of coffee!

2. Use the coffee compass on barista hustle to work towards a balanced flavour profile. 

For all your other batch brew questions please drop me a line or twitter @jonathonsciola

Happy Brewing!