Convenience — The Blue Sky for Successful B2B With Larger Corporations

It’s not your product, your mission statement or you incredible app that will secure a long time cash positive relationship with your big fish. It’s simple: solve a problem with added convenience.

That may be in the form of a subscription payment model, or ongoing consulting. Or as simple as turning up on time and never, ever surprising them with changes. 

I heard a story of a large corporation in a major city who subscribed to a daily box of fruit delivery for their staff. The funny thing was that there was already an established fruit shop under their building at street level, everyone walking past the fruit multiple times per day. 

Why did the corporate bypass their own local fruitshop for a delivery service and pay more in the process? Because sometimes he didn’t open on time. Occasionally he would run out of fruit. Also couldn’t figure out invoicing and when GST came in he all but gave up on printing a receipt.  

The larger corporation will always adopt more reliable, consistent and timely service that solves a core problem even if it costs more and doesn’t tick all the boxes. 

Promised Land Coffee is designed for B2b, for the most extreme reliability and convenience. Our deliveries are always on time. Our drivers have swipe cards to access buildings before staff arrive. Our invoicing is seemeless through xerox and we have extremely professional staff. 

At Promised Land Coffee we understand, value and respect the corporate customer and their business systems. 

We love to add value at every level of the supply chain and look forward to adding your business to our daily delivery service.